An Author and a Gentleman: Dr. Hugh Finch Releases "Arctic Revelation" - A Thrilling Blend of History, Mystery, and Philanthropy

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Monday, February 12, 2024 at 1:41pm UTC

An Author and a Gentleman: Dr. Hugh Finch Releases "Arctic Revelation" - A Thrilling Blend of History, Mystery, and Philanthropy

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Dr. Finch donates the majority of his "Arctic Revelation" royalties to supporting mental health awareness.

GLASTONBURY, Conn., Feb. 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Author, educator, and practitioner Dr. Hugh Finch announced the release of his unique fiction thriller, "Arctic Revelation: A Thousand Lifetimes in the Blink of an Eye." An international tour-de-force culminating in a stunning 'whodunit' conclusion that has kept even the most seasoned readers and critics captivated and guessing right till the end.

"...this is a thriller…the reader can't resist going forward to find out how it all connects ...the heady concept, action and danger pay dividends." from Kirkus Reviews

"...a true masterpiece" and "...a mind-blowing psychological thriller" from critics at and Discovery Reviews.

Dr. Finch reflects, "The true reward in accomplishing something great is when you do it for something far greater than yourself. In the current world climate, our mental health may be the factor that either sets us back a century or sets us free. This is a core theme in my book. If a reader walks away with just that message and nothing else, I will have accomplished something good, maybe even great!"

 Support a wonderful cause while immersing yourself in a mystery that readers and critics alike are recommending. "Arctic Revelation" is available in hardcover, paperback, and digital formats at Amazon and other major online retailers. Dr. Finch posts receipts from donations on his Facebook page so you can follow the charities he supports-including the National Alliance on Mental Illness and the SAFE Project.

Journey Beyond the Ordinary: Book Synopsis

Set in the scenic backdrops of Rhode Island, Denmark, Greenland, and Switzerland, the novel follows Dr. Christian Yates, a recent psychology graduate haunted by a traumatic past – including the death of his father and a patient he couldn't save. Embroiled in academic intrigue, Christian's journey also intersects with a mysterious and deadly serial killer, 'The Surgeon,' that leads him to Greenland in search of an ancient elixir. This lost and forgotten psychotropic formula may offer salvation for Christian, by unlocking his past. But what else may lie in the ancient ancestral memories of each and every human who has ever walked the planet? 'Arctic Revelation' delves into themes of mental health, psychedelic therapy, Danish culture, repressed trauma, and environmental issues – for a thought-provoking read that seeks to heal as it entertains.

Delve Deeper Into the Mind: About Hugh Finch

Dr. Finch is not only an author and successful practitioner but also a former Assistant Dean and Professor at Stony Brook University's School of Dental Medicine. He attributes much of his success to the community support that helped him as a child after his father, a respected South Carolina statesman and caring family man, had a debilitating stroke that robbed him of the ability to regulate emotions and perform simple tasks. As his health declined, he became abusive and, at times, violent. Finch's remarkable journey from a traumatic childhood to a celebrated career as an academician, practitioner, and author is its own resilient story worthy of any great fiction title. It's this history and passion to help that imbues an authenticity to his writing. Dr. Finch is committed to paying it forward by using his story to support mental health awareness.

Learn more about Dr. Finch and "Arctic Revelation" by visiting his Author Site or following him on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok. Engage with the conversation using hashtags like #PsychedelicAssistedTherapy #DanishCulture#OpioidCrisis #RepressedTrauma #IndigenousPeoples #LGBTQSupport #MentalHealth#VeteransPTSD 

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